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Company Profile

ASCENT SEALS PVT LTD, A world wide service in engineering sealing How Ascent Builds a better more reliable mechanical seals for any rotating shaft From Greasy String for packaging glands to sophisticates mechanical seals and gland packaging for pumps compressor nusing vessel and other rotating machinery-that is the history of our products developments. Products innovation ,however is only a part of the story. Advice on how to obtain the most satisfactory product use is available through our highly technical and work experience in fluid sealing system.The ASCENT SEALS PVT LTD, was organized for one specific purpose to design, build test and deliver precision shaft seals that are reliable and long lasting.

“ASCENT SEALS” are engineered & designed to exceed the requirement of all industries served. The seals have been designed to fit into standard stuffing boxes as well as being manufactured to high material specification. It has also been designed to give a high degree of interchangeability between various international standard and other mechanical shaft seals manufacturer. In industries, a large number of seals are used to meet the many and varying problem presented by fluid sealing needs, such as chemical industry, petrochemistry, petroleum industry, mechanical engineering including pumps, coal pressure gasification, conventional as well as nuclear power station, aerospace industry for sealing gas turbine shaft, ship building hydraulic engineering, sewerage treatment, paper industry, sugar industry, textile industry and many other.

How we do is simple, first by experience ASCENT SEALS design and development engineers are pioneers in mechanical sealing and have produced many of the basic pateusts improvement and advanced concepts in sealing over the years, superior heart of Chemical Plants gives the round the clock performance for critical duty applications. We carry with us a reputation for honesty, accuracy, and customer satisfaction within the seal industry. - We have an extensive knowledge of the mechanical seal industry.


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